Riaflex Salmon Oil

Riaflex Salmon Oil


Riaflex Salmon oil is a high-quality salmon oil that is sustainably sourced. Made with 100% fresh Scottish Salmon. Riaflex Salmon Oil smells and tastes of fresh salmon – dogs and cats love it! (with added Vitamin E to maintain the quality of the oil).


This oil brings balance to your dog or cats’ diet by adding a rich source of omega 3, often deficient in today’s diet, essential for your pet’s health including their joints, heart, brain, eyes, skin, and coat.


  • Improves Coat & Reduces Itchy Skin

  • Can Aid Joint & Hip Mobility


As dogs and cats age, they face increased risk of stiffening joints, heart problems, and loss of vitality. These health risks may be reduced by a diet consistently supplemented with readily accessible, omega-3 fatty acids. Key omega-3 fatty acids include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both found primarily in oily cold-water fish such as salmon. These omega-3 fatty acids are essential building blocks all dogs and cats need for maintaining a balanced metabolism.


The Riaflex Salmon Oil nourishes your pet from the inside out in an appealing easy to administer oil.

  • Ingredients in Salmon Oil

    Each 2.5ml scoop contains:

    •  Omega 3 content ( 20-25%)

    •  DHA content ( 10-12%)

    •  EPA content (7-9%)


    How to administer

    Salmon Oil is an easily administered oil that should simply be added to your pet’s normal food.



    Salmon Oil


    Vitamins per kg: Vit E 5.5mg


    Analytical Constituents

    Oil 99%; Protein 0%; Fibre 0%; Ash 0%

  • Salmon Oil

    Salmon oil has been proven to give a higher and more stable source of omega 3 compared to other fish oils. 

    If using for the first time, start with ⅓ of the recommended amount and increase gradually to the full amount over 7 days. Give once per day and do not exceed the stated dose.


    Vitamin E

    To maintain the quality of the oil and mop up free radicals.