Calm - Care Box

Calm - Care Box


Just like us humans, dogs can suffer with anxiety and stress that can really have an effect on behaviour.


There are many ways we can help our furry friends to calm and take some of the stress away so they can relax and enjoy life.  For details of what you may find in your care box, see "What to expect" below.

Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Months
1 free additional product in 3rd box
£18.00monthly/ 3 months
6 Months
7 Boxes (1 free box sent within subscription term)
£18.00monthly/ 6 months
12 Months
13 Boxes (1 free box & item sent within subscription term)
£18.00monthly/ 12 months
  • What to expect

    We like to pack our boxes with a good cross selection of products that will last you for a month if not longer and provide excellent value when compared to buying the items individually yourself.  We are very particular about the quality of our products found in our boxes which is reflected in the price of our boxes.  The typical range of products you can find in a box are;

    Pet remedy 15ml   - Full Size - RRP £6.50

    We selected this product because the company have several years of research and trials to create this unique formula using low concentration Valerian essential oil, blended with Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Sage

    The special Pet Remedy blend of essentials oils works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets.

    Ideal for treating dog anxiety in the household, as well as anxiety in other pets such as cats, horses, rabbits, rodents and birds

    Clinically proven to start to help immediately.  Helps calm the pet without sedating thus allowing the pet to become more attentive and receptive to you

    Water based, PH neutral formulation so safe on skin and coat of pet

    Developed and made in England.

    This size will provide you with enough to last you a month.

    Pooch and Mutt Treats – 125G tube – Full Size       RRP £3.49

    We picked the CALM & RELAXED dog treats because they are hand baked and are low calorie.  The recipe includes chamomile and valerian root (two of the best know relaxation aids) and L-tryptophan (essential to form serotonin the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter).

    These are the best treats to feed your dog prior to stressful situations such as visits to the vets, car journeys, fireworks, competitions, separation or just to calm before bedtime.


    Food - Sample – 70g

    One of the companies we like to use are BECCO food because only fresh ingredients are added, and they cook at low temperatures to lock in their goodness.

    While they still have an impact on the plant, they are continually trying to reduce it by seeking to find better ways to make the products whilst ensuring your dog still loves it.  They donate 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

    Flavours include Wild caught Cod & Haddock with Kale & Chickpea or Chicken with Carrot and Chicory.

    The recipe is grain free and low fat and is packed with Omega 3 & 6, vegetables, and superfoods so we know one of the things it will help your dog to have is healthy bones and joints.

    Nothing artificial in these samples!


    JC Pets Poop Bags – 15 bags/1 rolls – Sample         

    There are loads of eco-friendly poop bags but not all decompose as fast as they should and can take over a year.  However, these are plastic Free, 100% Home Compostable and Biodegradable Poop Bags.  You will find one roll within each care box which contains 15 bags.  If you are impressed with them, why not visit our shop and buy a full box which provides - 180 bags / 12 rolls.

    They are made using renewable plant resources and are 100% Leak proof and bags will start to Compost/Degrade after 3-6 months in the compost heap.

    Large Bag Size - 9x13 inches / 23x33cm.


    No handles.

    Packaging and inner cores can be recycled.


    Mutney’s Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo – Soothe & Calm  – 100ml - Sample  

    This Shampoo is specifically designed for dogs with damaged or irritated skin.  It contains naturally healing lavender essential oil to soothe the skin, reduces inflammation, and eases dandruff. Lavender oil offers natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-itch properties, hence why we selected this product for our boxes.  It also contains Geranium and Tea Tree for anti-septic and anti-itch properties. Lavender essential oil can also promote hair growth when the coat has become patchy due to a skin condition and naturally helps to heal skin disorders/eczema/cuts and grazes,

    It dilutes up to 10:1

    All Mutneys shampoos are produced in the UK and are made with natural oils and essences, to ensure it will not remove the natural oils found in your dogs’ coat, which is very important. With nearly 25 years’ experience in this field, we believe their formulas are proven.


    Natural Cornish Pet Dog Chew – Vegetable & Peanut Butter Turtles – Full Size      RRP £1.00


    We chose this company because they believe all their products should be free of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and so do we!

    All chews are 100% natural and grain free and the ridges in the chews get between the teeth and massage the gums and help to increase blood flow, which in turn keeps the mouth healthy.

    They are delicious and highly digestible.

    Low in saturated fat so good for controlling weight and perfect for elderly dogs.

    Peanut butter is not only a protein source but contains heart fats, vitamin B, niacin and Vitamin E.


    Smugg Mutts Toy  - Full Size      RRP £9.99

    We chose this brand because the company was created to tackle the problem that most dog toys are made from plastic or other materials that are not friendly to our environment or marine life.  They are also not always safe for our dogs.

    What should you expect;

    • 100% Plastic free, natural and sustainable
    • Great for teeth and interactive play
    • Safer rope, splinter less wood, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
    • Handmade in the UK

    The toys are made with Hemp rope and Beech wood.  Hemp rope sheds in short length fibres. Small amounts the fibres are less likely to cause harm if they are ingested, unlike cotton and other synthetic rope toys which can block the intestines. Anti-microbial and resistant to mould and hypoallergenic.

    Beech is naturally untreated and toxin free. Beech wood is a splinter less hardwood and a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic.


    Small - 12mm Rope Thickness, 50mm Ball Diameter


    Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo Bar Avg Weight 80g Bar – Full Size             RRP £6.99

    We picked Mountain Garden Botanics because the product smells amazing!  They are a small family business based in North Wales and are proud to produce a product which is 100% cruelty free with no animal testing.  Their products are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free as this is linked to causing an itchy scalp.  They source all raw ingredients and packaging responsibly, passionately believing in reuse, recycle or compost.

    The shampoo bars are all handmade with a rich blend of nourishing oils to feed the hair.  They also use a blend of essential oils Lavender and Chamomile, known for their relaxing and calming properties.

    They are free from Palm Oil and are Vegan friendly, SLS and Paraben free, Alcohol free, plastic free packaging.

    Wild Dog Co – Dog Calm Balm – 60ml – Full Size    RRP £11.95

    We chose this company because the product is quite unique and a safe calming product to relax, calm and comfort anxious, reactive, over-tired, fearful, and fractious dogs. It is:

    • Lick-safe
    • Cruelty-free
    • Non-sedating
    • Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks
    • 100% Natural ingredients
    • Made in Great Britain


    It contains a blend of essential oils Lavender and Mandarin with a gentle base of Olive wax and Organic Sunflower seed oil which will help with

    • Difficulty settling at night
    • Separation anxiety
    • Car trips
    • Moving house
    • Meeting new people or pets
    • Loud noises
    • Phantom pregnancies

    Its easy to use, you simply swipe your finger across the top of the balm and apply to your dogs’ paws or ears, or if washable, their bedding or comfort toy.

    Make sure you introduce this product to your dog before it is needed, to create a positive association.  Always allow your dog to come and sniff it first.


    Pooch and Mutt Turkey & Hemp Treats - 120g Pack – Full Size RRP £3.49

    We picked these delicious treats because again they are calming, probiotic and grain free.  Made with Turkey and Hemp these moist treats have been created with the anxious dogs in mind.  Even the most laid-back dog can suffer with their nerves from time to time.  They help your dog relax and unwind so also perfect as a treat just before bed!

    They are naturally Hypoallergenic and formulated with no added artificial flavours or colours.

    Intended as a complementary food for dogs and are suitable for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks old.

    Green & Wilds Funny Bone – Full Size            RRP £5.99

    We chose this company because the toy is made from sustainable Jute which is a natural plant fibre. It is tough and durable and produced without adding any compound that could harm or be consumed when chewed. The good news is Jute is 100% biodegradable.

    The funny bone has four layers of Jute twin stitched and is over a recycled cotton and jute rope.

    Size: 25cm long (10”), 11cm at widest point (4.5”)


    Pet Dream House – Slow Pad or equivalent – Full Size     RRP £4.49

    We chose these products because they entertain and reduce stress for your pet. Designed with soft nubs, they allow for a multitude of diverse types of interaction based on the food type applied. The licking stimulates saliva productions which improves digestive health while reducing stress and anxiety due to the release of endorphin (The “feel good” hormone). They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe (top rack), plus freezer friendly.

    As they have suction cup feet it allows you to add healthy food options to it and then stick it to a window, door or even the bathtub to distract and entertain your dog while you brush or wash them.

    Made from food-grade TPE materials, BPA Free, PVC Free.

  • Charities

    £1 donated for every subscription box sold.

  • Planting Trees

    1 tree planted for every 30 boxes