The Pawfect Trading Co.

Well they say that charity begins at home, so look no further as we offer you our SOS – Solution, Offers and Support and treat your pet at the same time!


As qualified canine Hydrotherapists, we have seen hundreds of dogs with a variety of medical conditions, allergies, and care requirements. We see the struggles that owners have in finding solutions, sometimes on a limited budget.

With social media providing so much inaccurate information, this certainly adds to the owner’s stress, when all they want is the best for their pet.

Often hundreds of pounds are spent on products for beloved pets, where there is no clinical evidence to show that the product actually benefits their pet; or ‘treats’ that are not safe, or good for their pet.

By using our knowledge, training, and volumes of feedback from our clients, (especially those with sensitive stomachs) we thought that it was time we further supported pet owners by carefully selecting and sourcing products that are safe, affordable, and, most importantly, work ! Where possible we also provide you with a discount code!


Our Carbon Footprint

At the same time, we are reducing our carbon footprint, and our impact on climate change, by ensuring that a tree is planted for every 30 boxes we purchase. Furthermore, we give £1 for every box sold, to a carefully selected Animal Charity (as voted for by our followers on social media); every 6 months a new charity will benefit.

Tree Planting

So; what are you waiting for?

As we said, charity really does begin at home so sit back, select the box that is right for you (or why not treat a friend’s pet) and feel happy that you have also helped raise much needed funds for animals who have not yet found their forever home.


We hope you, and your pet, enjoy your box!